Bjarke Frellesvig

Bjarke Frellesvig

Bjarke Frellesvig is Professor Japanese Linguistics in Oxford University. His broad interests reach well into matters of archeology and history, as well as the philosophy of language. Here in Oslo we still regret his departure for Oxford some years ago.


Short Curriculum Vitae

Bjarke Frellesvig, (born 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark) obtained his Ph.D. in Japanese linguistics in 1993 from the University of Copenhagen. He is University Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Japanese linguistics in the University of Oxford and Fellow in Oriental Studies at Hertford College, Oxford. He also holds a Visiting Professorship at the University of Oslo.

His research and teaching is in the field of East Asian language and linguistics. His main publications include A Case Study in Diachronic Phonology: the Japanese Onbin Sound Changes (1995), 'A common Korean and Japanese copula' (Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 2001), and 'The vowels of Proto-Japanese' (with John Whitman, Japanese Language and Literature, 2004).