The Current State of TLS

TLS is designed not as an authoritative reference work but as a digital construction site, a convenient platform for the continuing discussion on the development of the Chinese language over the last 3000 years.

All distinctions and contrasts proposed in TLS aim to state no more than preliminary but explicit and refutable working hypotheses on Chinese historical grammar, concepts, and rhetoric.

TLS is still at the initial stage of trying to build up a comprehensive and convenient philological infrastructure that will enable one to discuss an increasingly sensitive analysis of the the lexicon, the grammar, and the rhetoric of the Chinese language in its historical development over the last 3000 years.

TLS is, and will try to remain, cheerfully over-ambitious, exploratory and experimental.

TLS started out as the chief editor's only partially systematised collection of personal research notes concerning analytical work in progress on the history of Chinese conceptual schemes. TLS still retains many traces of its fumbling humble origins throughout, in spite of the very substantial contributions from many distinguished collaborators.

No formalistic method is allowed in TLS, as a matter of principle, to get in the way of easily accessible, convenient and transparent description of semantic contrasts or of anything else in TLS.

TLS is not designed as an exercise in formal semantics or logical analysis, but as an accessible and convenient digital vademecum for fellow students who, like we, are interested in the historical development of Chinese cognitive schemes, Chinese words, and Chinese grammatical structures.