The History of TLS

1988 Production, collection and revision of digitalised classical Chinese texts for personal use as a raw database. Without Academia Sinica,Taiwan, later the CHANT database at Chinese University of Hong Kong and other publicly available Internet resources, TLS would have been quite inconceivable.
1993 Production (with much enthusiastic student help) of interlinear bilingual editions of pre-Buddhist Chinese texts for personal use as a way of looking over the shoulders of and learning from the best translator-sinologists as an information database. The University of Oslo provides limited but crucial and sustained financial support for this digitilisation project over many years.
1994 Compilation of a comprehensive synonym dictionary of classical Chinese, produced as a complex formatted word-processing document for the convenience of students and as a personal record as an analytic database.
1997 Jens Østergaard Petersen (Copenhagen) begins to suggest and to develop a FileMaker database to accommodate the increasing technological needs of the developing database.
1998 TLS becomes a cooperative project between Peking University, the University of Oslo and a large number of other Universities.
1999-2000 TLS is supported by the Institute for Advanced Study, Oslo, and one year's funding at Norwegian professorial level is made available to J.O. Petersen.
2001 The Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation finances the Web-publication of parts of TLS to be published in the Documentation Centre of the Sinological Institute, University of Heidelberg. A $38 000 grant is made available to be used in its entirety to support the programming work of J.O. Petersen under the administration of Prof. R. G. Wagner, Dept of Chinese, at the University of Heidelberg.
2004-2005 TLS is supported by the Swedish Institute for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences at Uppsala.