Conceptual Ethnography

TLS received much practical help from such synonym handbooks as
L. Doederlein, Lateinische Synonyme und Etymologien. 6 Bde (Leipzig: Vogel, 1826-36)
J.H.H. Schmidt, Handbuch der lateinischen und griechischen Synonymik (3 vols. Leipzig: Teubner, 1889)

TLS aims for grammatically explicit and philologically detailed semantic portraits of the meanings of keywords in the spirit of Juri Apresjan and Igor A. Mel'cuk:
Juri Apresjan, A New Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Synonyms (1450 pages, 2005)
Juri Apresjan, Systematic Lexicography (Oxford: OUP, 2001)

I.A. Mel'cuk and Alexander K. Zholkovsky, Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary of Modern Russian, (in Russian) Vienna: Slawisischer Almanach, 1984

TLS has profited from the courageous attempts at contrastive conceptual ethnography by Anna Wierzbicka:

  1. Semantics, Culture, and Cognition: universal human concepts in culture-specific configurations, OUP 1992
  2. Understanding Cultures Through Their Key Words, OUP 1997
  3. Emotions across Languages and Cultures, Cambridge Univ. Press 1999