An Autochthonous Perspective

TLS insists on looking upon matters Chinese from a Chinese perspective, and the working language of the project is for a large part Chinese. Ca. 700 Chinese books and articles on Chinese synonymy have been listed and assembled/photocopied so far, for systematic analysis. This represents a rich Chinese tradition of scholarship.
Representative examples of Chinese contributions towards conceptual history include the following:
Wang Fengyang, "Dictionary of Classical Chinese Synonyms", 1053 pages, Changchun 1998
Huang Jingui, "Classified Contrastive Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Cultural Vocabulary" 1594 pages, Shanghai 1995
Yuan Hui, "Contrastive Dictionary of Ancient and Modern Chinese" 1561 pages, Taiyuan, 1994
Chen Bingzhao et al.,"Detailed Explanatory Dictionary of (Modern Chinese) Synonyms and Antonyms", 1000 pages, Changsha, 1996
Dong Danian, "Classified Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese", 1334 pages, Shanghai 1998
Jiang Guanghui, "Modern Chinese Current Use Contrastive Dictionary", 944 pages, Changchun, 1998