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Lexeme Click for more information xià *ɦɣɛ 匣麻上 **ɢraaʔ BELOW
Definition Click for more information The standard term referring to the relatively low position of something vis-a-vis something else is xià 下 (ant. shàng 上 "above").
Constitutive Elements
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  xià *ɦɣɛ 匣麻上 **ɢraaʔ (?)
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n[adN]   what is low in the terrain; what is below one
n{PLACE}adV   below
nab st.fig low position; lowness of musical pitch
nadN   low, lower
nadN fig lower > inferior; of the lower world; nether
nadN fig.non-restrictive below 下民
nadV fig at the lower levels
npost-.N+ZHI   below
npost-.N+ZHI fig at a lower abstract level
npost-N fig fig. below of N (e.g. > among the disciples of N) [CA]
npost-N inside under (i.e. inside) (the tent etc)
npost-N pl the lower part; the place below something; low-lying place; the area at the foot of (a mountain)
npost-N place below; at the bottom of something; in status: lower
nt(post-N).adS   below the contextually determinate N
vadV text below (in the text) [CA]
vi act take the lower position, maintain the lower position, stay below something else
vpostadV direction directional verbal complement: to V in downwards direction [CA]
vt+N fig put (oneself) lower then N, maintain lower status in respect to N
vtoN st be below N in status
Lexeme Relations Click for more information
Ant(上/ABOVE) = (下/BELOW)
Ant(高/HIGH) = (下/BELOW)
Assoc(低/氐/BELOW) = (下/BELOW)

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