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Lexeme Click for more information sān *sɑm 心談平 **saam THREE
Definition Click for more information The general word for "three" is sān 三 and this word has great syntactic flexibility, and only in a small minority of such usages can the graph be replaced by 參.
Constitutive Elements
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  sān *sɑm 心談平 **saam (?)
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The NUMBER which is the successor of TWO.
Cross References
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n   set of three
nab   three kinds, three types, three categories 仁有三
nab act the doing something three times
v(adN) ord the third item
vadN   three N; three kinds of Nab
vadN anaphoric the three above mentioned items
vadV 3rd time for a third time
vadV three times three times
vi act do the same thing for a third time; do something three times
vi event happen three times
vi kinds to be three of kinds; to have three ways
vi number be three in number
vpostadN   three
vpostadV   thrice
vtoN caus cause to be three
vtoN have have three N
vtoN st be three times the amount of

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