2013-04-19 The database has been updated.
  2013-04-09 The Phonology file has been updated with David Sehnal's thorough revision of all 廣韻 data, based on Cai Mengqi's 蔡夢麒 Guangyun jiaoshi (岳麓书社, 2007).
  2010-09-12 The database has been updated.
  2010-03-13 An HTML version of the TEI formatting of Professor Xu Shiyi's 徐時儀 edition of Xuan Ying's 玄應 Yiqiejing yinyi 一切經音義 has been published here. The TLS database is being moved to an XML database using the eXist Open Source Native XML Database as framework. In order to show Professor Xu's work before this is done, a preliminary XSLT transformation of the present state of the TEI edition is now published.
  2010-01-29 Watch an interview with Christoph Harbsmeier on Phoenix Television 鳳凰衛星電視, broadcast in the autumn of 2009, by clicking here. Use current browser versions only.
  2009-09-11 The database has been updated.
  2009-08-14 Professor Pang Pu 龐樸 has inscribed the name of TLS in Chinese, 漢學文典, chosen by himself, with the calligraphy shown in the logo.