Notes On Translation

This provides extra annotation on a translation given in TLS. The history of some of the translations in TLS covers 20 years, and there are many cases where interesting points of interpretation are elaborated in the Notes on Translation. Such notes are necessary particularly in those cases where the semantic and syntactic analysis in TLS, while helped by the translation in TLS, construes meanings and structures quite differently from the translation. This is often confusing, and at times - long before there was any question of publishing TLS on any web - I have even succumbed to the temptation to rewrite the translation in order bring it into closer accordance with the TLS analysis.

Nota bene:
Very obviously, far from everthing that clearly needs elaboration in notes has been annotated in TLS, even in the case of translations made especially for TLS.

Moreover, even when TLS provides a published translation for reference, I have felt free to add commentaries.

Christoph Harbsmeier

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