Notes On Lexeme Relation

When Lexeme Relations are specified, it is often convenient to explain what exactly the concrete relation is between the Lexemes that are being related. These explanations are entered into the field Notes On Lexeme Relation.

The main Lexeme Relations are as follows:

1. antonyms: ant good versus bad

2. contrasts: cont good versus excellent

3. converse: conv give versus receive

4. epithet: as in 忠臣

5. opposition, opp: eat versus drink

6. synonymy or neutralization of contrast, synon: "fool" versus "idiot", when the words are used interchangeably, typically in parallelism.

For example, when two Lexemes are said to be contrastive, it is natural to specify the nature of the contrast in the Notes On Lexeme Relation.

Christoph Harbsmeier

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