Lexeme Relation Formula / Formula

This formula specifies the two Lexemes and a Lexeme Relations which obtains between these two Lexemes.

Example: contr(學/study) = (習/practise)

This must be read as a statement to the effect that the Lexeme Relation "contr" obtains between the Lexemes (學/study) and (習/practise).

At present there are 2725 Lexeme Relations established in TLS, and this repertoire of Lexeme Relations deserves to be systematically developed.

Nota bene:
In the case of symmetrical Lexeme Relations the order of the Lexeme1 And Lexeme2 does not matter, but in the case of Lexeme Relations like epithet, the order does matter and the noun Lexeme always has to precede the epithet Lexeme in question.

Christoph Harbsmeier

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