Entering a search term

The search term you must input yourself. Any input of Unicode 3 characters is accepted. Input of characters belonging to Unicode Extension B are not possible, due to technical problems.

If more than one word is entered in the search term, i.e. if one or more spaces occur, the search will be performed differently according to the logical operator chosen. In an "all" search, the search term (without the quotation marks) "stud time" performed in the "Translation" field will find only records in which these two terms occur in the field in question on the same record (e.g. "Having studied something to exercise it in practice, at the proper times"), whereas an "any" search will retrieve both records with "study" only and records with "man" only in the "Translation" field (as well as those with both "study" and "man"). The search option chosen will apply only to the first word in the field in question - the remaining words are searched for with the "begins with" search option. - One should generally limit oneself to one search term; if one wishes to search for more search terms in the same field, one should choose the field in question several times.

If you wish to search for two words in sequence, please refer to the help pages for making advanced searches.

If you leave the search term empty in a certain line, no search will be processed (i.e., you do not search for all records in which the field is empty - if you wish to do so, please consult the help pages for making advanced searches.

Jens Østergaard Petersen