The marking of search terms in search results

Some of the search terms you use on the search page are marked in red in the search results. Search terms are marked in fields that can be searched in through the defaults on the standard search page, as well as the fields which occur on the hitlist. In this way, search terms are marked in the core fields in each database file.

If you search for a certain term in field A, it will only be marked in field A, not in field B or C. However, fields that are compounded out of other fields are marked with the search terms belonging to their element fields.

If you search for a certain string of characters occurring in the beginning of a word, it will be marked regardless of where it occurs. The search options "begins with", "ends with" etc. do not apply to marking; marking is always applied according to the "contains" search option.

Searches in number fields mark only the number searched for. If you search for a number larger than 5, nothing will be marked, since e.g. "6" is not marked.

Marking is not case sensitive, except in the case of syntactic categories (where case is significant).

If you search for two search strings which partially overlap, the marking mechanism does not produce the expected result. If a field, e.g., contains the word "fired" and you search for the strings "fire" and "red", the whole word "fired" should have been marked; in fact, only "fire" gets marked, leaving the "d" in "red" unmarked. Total overlaps (e.g. a search for "fired" and "fire" in a field which contain "fired", does give the expected result, that "fired" and "fire" is marked in the word "fired" (however, you are not able to see the separate marking of "fire", since only one marking colour is used).

Jens Østergaard Petersen