Choosing a search field

After having chosen the logical operator (or using the default operator "all"), you must choose one or more fields in which to search. Here you use the pop-up menus in the first column of the search page, wither using the option shown by default or choosing another one from the list. If there is no pop-up menu, the search is pre-set to be performed in the field mentioned.

You can choose the same field as many times as you wish, i.e. you can e.g. choose "any" as you logical operator and search in the Texts field five times, inputting "人", "丁", "口", "子" and "民" respectively. You then find all records Texts which contain one (or more) of the five characters you have input. Note that if you chose "all," you would be searching for records in which all these five terms were present at the same time, something entirely different (and not likely to happen).

A detailed explanation of the fields can be found in the description of the database contents of each individual file, where the type of each field will be noted.

Jens Østergaard Petersen