Sources identifies the bibliographic details for a given Source Reference. These Source References may be used to identify important areas for research. For example, if in Synonym Groups you search for Zhang Dainian you will find the sixty concepts analysed in his famous book translated into English as Key Concepts in Chinese Philosophy (tr. E. Ryden, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2002). If you search for koselleck you will find the 116 historical keywords in TLS which are dealt with in detail in Koselleck's monumental multi-volume Dictionary of Historical Key Concepts. And if you look for finsterbusch you will find references to all concepts in TLS that are illustrated on Han dynasty wall paintings. Again, if you look for doederlein and dufour you will find all Synonym Groups in TLS for which comparative material from the Latin and classical Greek respectively are available in TLS. If you look for isidore you will find all the Synonym Groups for which Isidore of Sevilla (7th cent A.D.) has provided contrastive definitions in his splendid De differentiis. If you search for theophrastus you will find the thirty concepts relating human characteristics analysed by Aristotle's disciple in his famous book Charakteres.

Nota bene:
Huang Jingui has provided exhaustive bibliographic references on what has been published on Chinese synonyms in China, and a large archive of photocopied articles has been assembled in Oslo. A very considerable pdf-archive of sources on Chinese synonymy has been assembled by Wang Tongwei, who has also compiled a useful survey of the monographs on this subject in the editor's collection.

TLS does not aspire to repeat or compete with the work on documentation done by Endymion Wilkinson, who is currently preparing a hugely expanded digital version of his monumentally useful Chinese History. A Manual. Rather, our bibliography aspires to concentrate on comparative conceptual history, cognitive history, and archaeological illustration of word meanings, in which latter field Kaethe Finsterbusch has made monumentally generous and systematic contributions to TLS.

It will be evident to all users that Sources in TLS never aspire to provide complete bibliographies on any given subject.

Christoph Harbsmeier

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