Lexeme Relation Attributions

This specifies where exactly a given Lexeme Relation between two lexemes is exemplified in TLS. Note that the relation is established between Lexemes and not between Lexeme Entries. This is because attribution of relations between Lexeme Entries would lead to a large amount of repetition of the same relation between different Lexeme Entries under the same Lexemes.

So far, 2174 Lexeme Relation Attributions are recorded in TLS. It is clear that this are needs to be systematically developed in the future. For it is the network of semantic relations of a word that circumscribes its meaning within the linguistic system.

One often understands a word better when one considers its antonyms. Lexeme Relations assembles not only antonyms but a whole set of what are regarded as systematic semantic relations between lexemes.

The main Lexeme Relations are as follows:

1. antonyms: ant good versus bad

2. contrasts: cont good versus excellent

3. converse: conv give versus receive

4. epithet: as in 忠臣

5. opposition, opp: eat versus drink

6. synonymy or neutralization of contrast, synon: "fool" versus "idiot", when the words are used interchangeably, typically in parallelism.

This file records the actual cases found where antonyms, opposites etc. are actually found. Thus it is here that one may look for all instances of the use of epithets so far recorded in Chinese literature.

Christoph Harbsmeier

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